Monday, March 22, 2010

Someone Please Tell God to Punch Back In

Someone Please Tell God to Punch Back In

Does anyone, and I do mean anyone, have an open line of communication with God these days?

Is it possible that a priest or a nun, perhaps an elderly bible toting church going woman or someone who’s just been saved recently have a direct line of communication to the Lord?

And I don’t want to speak to any middlemen – no apostles – I’m looking to speak directly to the supernatural man himself, the one who’s supposed to be looking down over us and making sure we don’t get “too” far out of hand…

Um, hello… God… we’re way the hell out of hand down here!

Ladies, it’s true… God has to be a man… I can’t possibly imagine a female God allowing life to become so damn unnaturally screwed
up down here on Earth… I mean come on… am I lying? Things are really, really out of hand.

If there is anyone out there that has the supernatural ability or maybe the 1-800 number, please call G
od immediately and pass this message on to him for me… Tell him Ivan Sanchez said it’s time to get back to work. His lunch break, coffee break, naptime or whatever it is he’s been doing since 30 AD should be over by now…

Tell him I said we need him to come down from the Heaven’s and straighten a few things out for us.

What an understatement huh?

If he gives you any trouble, if he says anything like, “The nerve of that Ivan Sanchez…
” or “Who the hell does he think he is…” Tell him I’m just as pissed at him as he is at me.

Tell him I’m still very upset about all the Wo
rld Wars…

Tell him I’m tired that soldiers are still dying in wars all over the world.

Tell him I’m upset he never answered my prayers for world peace – I spent 10 years in Catholic School, that’s a lot of unanswered prayers… A lot of Hail Mary’s, a lot of Our Father

You better believe I’m upset.

Tell him I still don’t understand the Holocaust. Why were 12 million innocent men, women and children persecuted and gassed, tortured, shot to death and just plain slaughtered like cattle?

Couldn’t you have thrown a lightning bolt directly at Hitler’s ass
without leaving the comfort of Heaven’s kitchen?

Don’t you read the newspapers or watch the evening news? We’re getting massacred down here…

Speaking of mass genocide, couldn’t you have thrown l
ighting bolts at Mao Ze-Dong and put a stop to the Chinese Revolution which killed upwards of 30 million? What about Stalin and the 17 million

Russians who died of hunger and war? Or Hideki Tojo, who had 5 million civilians slaughtered during WWII.

They can’t possibly go to hell… So please tell me you welcome them all in to Heaven…

What about all this modern day genocide in Bosnia, Rwanda and Darfur?

What about the 20 million AIDS deaths in Africa… and those all over the world for that matter?

Or let’s talk about the 1 billion people who go to sleep hungry every night… and the 16,000 children who die of hunger-related causes every day. That’s one child every five seconds Lord… One Innocent child dying every five seconds…

Are you simply too busy to address any of these horrific acts against humanity… huh God?

You have to talk to me here… I have all these people saying, “God bless…” But I’m not interested in being blessed while the rest of humanity is suffering.

So tell me… Is it

Is that when you’re going to come back down here and straighten out this mess we’ve made?

If you’re waiting on an invitation Lord… here it is…. “Dear God… Please send help now!!!”

And don’t forget to bring Jesus, Jehovah, Buddha, and Allah with you. I have a funny feeling it’s going to take a team to turn this thing around.

To all those who read this blog and believe I’m headed straight to hell… Please don’t pray for me, don’t worry about me… Pray for all those who see hell right here on earth.

I’ve already se
en the fiery pits of hell in the eyes of children… and in the eyes of the elderly… a pain that can’t be duplicated no matter how hot the molt and lava are… I’ll either adjust to the heat or I’ll find a way to put the fire out… I’ll be OK.

Just do me this one little favor and tell God to punch back in and get back to work already…
I don’t know about any of you… But I’ve seen enough to lose my faith in the unseen.

The only faith I have left is in humanity. I know we’re still capable of beautiful things when we come together as one.

The only question is… Will we ever come together as one?

Ivan Sanchez is the author of
Next Stop: Growing up Wild-Style in the Bronx (Touchstone – Simon & Schuster, 2008). The book is the first memoir released by a major publishing house written by a Puerto Rican from the Bronx. Sanchez is also the co-author of It’s Just Begun: The Epic Journey of DJ Disco Wiz, Hip Hop’s First Latino DJ (powerHouse, 2009). He was awarded the National Novel honors for his first fiction offering and is currently working on several new books about NY Latinos. He is also the co-host of Rebel Radio on Urban Latino Radio.


  1. I can't wait to see the comments roll in. Just mentioning God will get people riled up but now you're calling Him out. Thank you for saying what many would never, ever say out loud!

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  3. VERY HEAVY!!! I hear you and understand where you are coming from. But to tell you the truth, I for one have lost faith in Humanity. Most of the things you point out were and are caused by Humans, not "GOD". I feel like he is allowing us to destroy it all by our own hands. There is an unseen war and we are all either casualties of war or fighters. It is up to us to pick up the pieces and fix what is going on, or fight and stop it. We can choose to stop being a civilization of savages and become a civilization of "humane" human beings. The choice is always up to us. Threw our own blood, sweat and faith... this can ALL be fixed. And then just maybe we can see that God is here.

    Now to be fair, not everyone believes there is even a God.... so that would make it even better. Why? Because then we have no one to blame for this mess. And no one but ourselves to fix it. Again... we are in charge of our fate on this planet.

    Where is God? God is within all of us... Seek and you shall find. Love and Light

    (Just my two cents, and then some :p)

    Much Love and Respect,
    Liza Marie (one love)

  4. Ivan, I think we all need to punch in. Time to make the donuts!!!! ;)

  5. YUNG RO refuse to give up on his teen community. As a teen himself, Ro can relates to the trials of beind a youth in such a harsh atmosphere. Just recently the young supastar was struck by by stray bullet while promoting his current single Fresha Den A Mall. What's the irony YUNG RO has a youth awareness program Runway2Empowerment. He has a message for his fellow youth. Stay focus and Tatt This On Your Soul.

  6. @ Liza - thanks for your comments, and yes - I agree, we all need to punch in and humanity needs to step it up. Things are about to get very difficult financially for a lot of people and if we don't begin to help one another out, things are going to get ugly... if there is a God - he must be testing us in our final days... That's all I can come up with...

    @ Yung Ro, I'd like to speak to you more about your teen program... Please hit me up at so we can exchange info and talk.

  7. wow!! I wasn't going to comment because I for one think certain things need to be left unsaid however I read Liza's comment. I thought, now there is a sister that is speaking from a place that I come from. Ivan, God the father, Creator has given us everything!! He loves us so much that he has gifted us with FREE WILL!! It's up to us to make the changes...If WE would just honor him and abide by the law Jesus's left us all with...NONE OF THIS CHAOS would be happening. THE LAW IS LOVE!! when you love (properly)everything negative fails. love = respect. honor = loyalty. We can agree to disagree without the violence or disrespect. I actually feel sorry for those whos faith has dwindled at trying times, those are the lessons we can learn from the most however so much of those trials are misinterpreted.

    I HAD CANCER and what I did was learn from the disease is that you must stay in tune with your body.. My journey has enabled me to offer guidance to newly diagnosed. On JUNE 19th, had a fire that left me homeless.(after I redecorated with all new furniture and paint) A son who refuses to listen, an uncle who is slowly checking out (that man raised me as his own) That's makes my testimony stronger. I will never succumb to despair, If the electricity was upgraded to code the fire would have never occurred. Had I neglected my health, death would have come early for me. My son will find his way. I appreciate my uncle/dad. We must acquire the gift of forgiveness and proceed with positivity, YES we will face adversity but God's law (love) is stronger commit to his loving ways and you will prevail. So many People fail to see this. All those prophets & religious leaders that you've mentioned got it!!! WE DON"T NEED THEM what we need is to humble ourselves and feed the soul with LOVE!! and self worth because WE ARE valuable and endangered therefore SPREAD LOVE!! love is GOD!! HE DOES EXIST IVAN...he chose you just as he chose me to spread his message, you're already doing God's work by spreading messages of hope through sharing your past experience. It takes a strong "LOVING" brother to do what you do. LIZA you're filled with love it's seeps through you, Love is what made your comment so beautiful to me. So let's all start baking some donuts we all need a little sweetness within ourselves. God is amazing.. I thank him for placing you guys in my life. It takes an army of us to combat the negativity that has infected this beautiful planet.